How Storytelling Works

Every human being is an egotist and is interested in himself. One more, the other less. This property as a survival instinct has led to the evolution of humans. We have to constantly weigh what things we pay attention to and our brain is the reason why we can and want to remember things best through stories. Stories carry emotions that are stored in our heads in the form of brainwaves. Positive emotions, because we like to put ourselves back in the feeling, but also negative, to avoid pain from previous findings.

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How to create your website video avatar

In this tutorial, I’ll give you an introduction on how to record and publish your Say Some Words video in six simple steps. You may change your settings at any time in your dashboard or replace your video, without having to go through all the steps again.

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We Humanize Brands

If you like to sell something you need two fundamental things:

  1. An attractive product or offer and
  2. TRUST (!!)

I used to work as a Sales Engineer in my early career and wanted to concentrate more on the customer relationship, without disregarding all the great product benefits and features I was providing.

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