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Let me speaking on your website to generate more clients than ever before.*

*Black Friday Special: Use my personalized video avatar for your offer 30 days for free. Decide later on its value and if you like to continue using it. You will get an awesome offer!
Disclaimer notice: This offer is strongly limited to a few websites only. Apply now to qualify and you will receive our email how to write your video avatar script.


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Convience 8 of 10 from your website visitors with a personal touch and place your call to action.

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Gain more leads from your website and convert your visitors to clients while listening to you.


Frequently asked questions

You can hire any actor or create a 2D/3D animated character. In this case, you don’t send us the script, but your finished video so we can convert it to the Avatar Widget website. Tip: Ideally you should address your visitors personally in front of the camera!

After the free trial period you have the opportunity to purchase your video avatar at a low price. If you don’t contact us the video avatar will be deactivated automatically.

After 30 days you can use your video avatar for 497.- USD for another 24 months, if it doesn’t last longer than 60 seconds. You will receive an individual offer from us.

Your video avatar is limited to a short speech of one minute maximum. Your script should therefore not contain more than 150 words so that I can speak the text freely. There may be slight variations because I don’t memorize your text word by word. By reproducing the content of your script, I can be more convincing and inspire your visitors better. Did you know that you can also record your video yourself? Then there is no time limit for you and your video can be as long as you want.

Since a video avatar is a very personal thing, I can only offer my speech to serious companies. If your company offers products or services for adults only or drugs, I can only offer my service after consultation. Therefore, please use your business email address, in which the website domain of your company is visible.

Free trial • no credit card neccessary

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