Storytelling doesn’t have to be long and time consuming. Short storys are king and in this example you will learn how easy it can be while creating many emotions. Feeling with the characters is by far the most important part in storytelling. The branding and marketing doesn’t really matter and mustn’t destory the moment.

Short Story Telling Examples

The story “A Ticket to Visit Mum” offers a great emotional effect. Producer Matt Bonin makes use of many cinema stylistic elements.

But first to the plot: Ratnesh lives in NYC separately from his 61-year-old mother. She prays every morning and misses her son since he left, just 17 years young to make a career. He leaves his hometown Mumbai – Bombay, as he still calls it – but remembers always the pictures form his hometown.

At the beginning he talks about his childhood in the Indian metropolis and remembers the different places and experiences. Then the perspective changes and Ratnesh’s mother tells the story. She tells what it was like when her son left the country and how it broke her heart.

Road, clouds, trees: a journey is a fitting picture for a story. Where does the journey go, what is the motivation and reason, so where is the risk?

Brand Storytelling

After 1.40 minutes the brand name of the company falls for the first time. “Today British Airways gave me a seat on the plane.

This is for my son’s favourite meal. They’ll fly it to him and I think it gives him a sense of home,” says the leading actress. So, she starts cooking this dish.

“Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta

While she is assuming that someone is about to arrive at the door to pick up the food. Her son visits her at home in Mumbai. British Airways has flown him home.

He is already standing in front of the apartment watching his mother cooking the food on a monitor. The narrative part became already emotional unveiling the feelings of the characters. The mother misses her son. Even he can still remember the city he at least misses the taste of the unique cooking of his mom.

Narrative Storytelling

The moment comes: Ratnesh goes into the kitchen and surprises her. His mother looks up in fascination, then she steps back and embraces her son with tears in her eyes. Happy ending storytelling.

This part is the punchline and British Airways use the emotional moment of the narrative storytelling part for it’s marketing: “It’s never been just about flying” creates a closer relationship to the clients and views of this video.

Storyteller’s Secret

It is never been just about…….. anything can be here. The biggest storyteller’s secret is that there is nothing without storytelling. Telling a story you’ll want to create emotions which catch the narration inside the brain.

An airline doesn’t need to tell about travelling or planes. All you need is a relation between your offer and the emotions of the customer.