Easy Cliffhanger Storytelling Techniques

The cliffhanger, which is often used in series in order not to lose the viewer at the end, offers a special method for building up tension. Weekly TV series manage to keep their audience for days or weeks by building up their curiosity with a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger literally means that the protagonist is attached to […]

Video storytelling for branding

While the turning points increase the tension and provide an emotional effect in the punch line, the core statements of a narrative help to make a call to action plausible. Especially in branding and marketing, storytelling is used to put the listener in a constructive state to follow an appeal or call to action at […]

How to use storytelling with branding and marketing

Storytelling doesn’t have to be long and time consuming. Short storys are king and in this example you will learn how easy it can be while creating many emotions. Feeling with the characters is by far the most important part in storytelling. The branding and marketing doesn’t really matter and mustn’t destory the moment.