If you like to sell something you need two fundamental things:

  1. An attractive product or offer and
  2. TRUST (!!)

I used to work as a Sales Engineer in my early career and wanted to concentrate more on the customer relationship, without disregarding all the great product benefits and features I was providing.

My idea was recording videos were I explain all the technical stuff and concentrate in my meetings closely to the humans. More time for the hidden needs and interests of the person, small talk and maintaining a good business relationship with trust.

A friend of mine had a birthday gift for me with the statue of liberty on a turntable. Turning around with nice lighting. I thought using the turntable to give my product a stage. I recorded it really professional with with awesome lenses, blurred background in different angles and made a voice-over recording to explain all the details, features and customer benefits with my voice in the off. I’m not a professional voice actor, neither in German my native tongue, but it was a top-notch video product presentation.

Then I asked my friend who gave me the turntable for a feedback! First, he was amused that I couldn’t use the state of liberty but has a deployment for the turntable 😅

And his feedback was that the video is really professional, but it was too boring for him to watch. He prefers to see a real person telling something. Make sense, as humans are evolved to watch other creatures instead of just things.

So I planed to simplify my videos just talking in front of a green screen. But this wasn’t easier than just recording anything, with a natural background wherever indoor or outdoor. That way I made some dozen videos and tracked the statistics like views and watch time.

It became a hard time recognizing that videos on my website are not seen. I removed more and more elements from the website until there was just the video, a headline and a call to action button remaining.

Remember: Before this kind of landing page I has a professional website that took us more than 100 working hours. But we used the new kind of “landing page” because it worked for video views and lead generation.

It really didn’t look professional like before. But applying the sink or swim choice, at least some more website visitors watched my video.

While the other half of users were gone. Forever!!!

You know about the first impression…. You do NOT get a second chance.
So I was in cleavage 😔

Then I got the idea to retrieve my professional designed and branded website including all its great content while creating a green screen video in front of it.

The SAY SOME WORDS video has remodeled my entire online marketing accomplishing the best visitor conversion I could ever imagine.

Are ready swapping your turntable in order to convince with your personality?

Then: Talk to your customer, keep in mind and build a trustful relationship.